day 319 – light my fire


i wish i could say i was burning something truly worthy to be burned like a bill or a ticket, but it’s just a piece of paper.  a piece of scrap paper at that, there’s writing on the other side.  nothing wrong with using a piece of paper twice, right?


6 thoughts on “day 319 – light my fire

  1. Wow….fantastic shot, Val!!!!

    And at some point, I would love for you to share what settings you had your camera on to get this shot because I’ve been experimenting with taking fire/flame shots and they seem to always come out blurry. Your photo is so clear and crisp!

    Well done!!!!!

    Have a super-duper weekend, girl!


    • v says:

      hey ron. i used a 45mm f 1.8 lens at its largest aperture, that is 1.8, mostly to blur the background. if your photos are coming out blurry, you can switch to shutter priority (to reduce camera shake) or you can raise your ISO (film speed to reduce camera shake and freeze motion) OR use a tripod.

      i had the kid holding the burning piece of paper for me otherwise i would have had to use a remote and a tripod.

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