day 320 – redbox



not much happened today other than i tried redbox for the first time.  i signed up for a 30-day free trial which includes 4 rentals.  i canceled netflix because i never watched enough movies to spend $8 a month. yes, it’s cheap entertainment, but i wasn’t using it.

i rented after earth (will and jayden smith) and it wasn’t bad as the reviews said.  the jury is still out if i’m going to keep it, i will use the free credits though. any redbox users out there?


4 thoughts on “day 320 – redbox

  1. Oh Val, I have been thinking about joining Redbox as well. They have one inside a Walgreens near my apartment. And you’re right, it’s not very expensive at all. Let me know how you like it because I may join as well because they’re are literally NO places to rent movies anymore.

    Enjoy your movies!!!

    Have a FAB Sunday!


    • v says:

      sup, ron. nope, for 1.20 a night is not bad. i took the movie back the same day though because i didn’t want to use another free credit. looks like i will only get movies on the weekend so i can take them right back. they don’t have a huge selection for online viewing, older movies i have no interest in. i’m going to see if i can log in to my old netflix account and see how current they are with new releases.

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