day 321 – cheesecake


made a simple cheesecake: 2 packages of cream cheese, vanilla extract, 2 eggs and 1/2 cup sugar.


mix with one beater because i cannot find the other one. ignore the lumps.


pour lumpy mix into graham cracker crust.


40 minutes later, out pops a cheesecake. cover and toss in fridge and prepare to eat it for breakfast.

7 thoughts on “day 321 – cheesecake

  1. “mix with one beater because i cannot find the other one. ignore the lumps.”

    OMG Val…I’m rolling on the floor laughing. You are so FUNNY!!!! But that’s something I would do too.

    WOW….that cheese cake looks YUMMY- YUMMY! I want to take my finger and dip it into the batter and taste it!

    And the end result photo looks perfect. I love the light browning on the top. And the center looks very moist.

    Listen, can you email me a piece so that I can have it with a cup of coffee in the morning? HA! 🙂

    Enjoy your night, girl!

    • v says:

      ron, i don’t know where the other beater is. i have another mixer, but it’s all complicated. ain’t nobody got time for that, i just want to push something in and turn it on and be done. the other one is heavy too. nerp. so i used what i could find. it was lumpy, but i didn’t care. i thought it would work itself out in the oven.

      email you a piece? of course.

    • v says:

      i like to cook but haven’t been doing it like i used to. O_o.

      i’ll get back to it, i suppose when i have more time. tonight i had cereal for dinner.

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