day 322 – you better watch it

you better watch it


this is my watch which stopped working years ago. i almost remember buying it, i think, with a gift card of some sort.  never replaced the battery and it sits in my jewelry box.   as a former time nazi i’ve gotten a bit lazy about being on time and i am working to correct it.  i used to get mad if i had to wait on people because to me it was inconsiderate and showed a lack of appreciation for the other person’s time.  sure, things happen, but it shouldn’t be habitual.  my friend told me i was a work in progress.  i told her i’ve been in progress since i was 2, when do i get to be a work?  there is much planning to be done.




4 thoughts on “day 322 – you better watch it

  1. ” i told her i’ve been in progress since i was 2, when do i get to be a work?”

    Bwhahahahahahahaha! Val, have I told you lately how much I LOVE your sense of humor? You CRACK ME UP!!!

    Hey listen, I have a watch too that’s been sitting for YEARS without a battery. I actually don’t wear a watch. I can’t wear a watch with a battery in it because after I have it on for a few weeks, the batter dies. I have something in my skin that KILLS batteries – honest. So if I ever do wear a watch, it has to be windup.

    And it’s funny because even though I don’t wear a watch, I’m never late. I sorta have an internal clock that just knows the time.

    LOVE your photo!


    • v says:

      hehehe. ron, i never know what’s going to come out of my mouth until i hear it. actually i was emailing a friend @ work and said this to her. it’s true and i failed today. i was 3 minutes late for work. like nobody cares if i’m late, either i make up the time or i don’t. i stayed late two nights in a row, so i don’t owe them time. still it’s rude and i want to correct it. i only wear a watch for show. sometimes i might put one on i know doesn’t work, just because i need something around my wrist. i think i’m going to look for a cheap watch with a black band.


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