day 325 – starving artist

starving artist


yes, i am starving because i haven’t eaten dinner yet and i probably won’t.  a few weeks ago, i was getting ready for an art show and i got the call that all the spaces were filled. (bomb drop).  i was told they’d keep me on standby and if anything opened up they would call.  they never did call.

i’m surrounded by a few of the photos i was going to display and hopefully sell.  i suppose i have to gather up my artwork, and hit the street corner to sell some prints or according to my cup, beg for donations.


4 thoughts on “day 325 – starving artist

  1. Val, this photograph is HILARIOUS! I LOVE the cup!!! OMG…you crack me up, girl!!!

    Sorry to hear about the spaces being filled at the art show. Are they having another one soon?

    I love the photos you selected in this photograph. In fact, I see that some of my favorite photographs of yours (the blinds, the sail boat, the horse stables) are included.

    Hope you got some dinner tonight!


    • v says:

      hey ron, i’m sorry about the art show too. i did register late only because i found out about it late. they will keep me on their mailing list for next time.

      nope, no dinner for me last night.

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