day 329 – puzzling



i’m not much of a puzzle person, but this is my alternative to tv watching for the kid.  we spend a few additional minutes each day doing something fun (and quiet) for our brain.  it also gives us a chance to talk.  she’s sick of bonding, but i don’t care.  i told her i will ignore her tomorrow since it’s usually a busy day for me.


6 thoughts on “day 329 – puzzling

  1. I’m not much of a puzzle person either, however, did you know that a tiger is my FAVORITE large cat, Val?

    I love them, so I loved this photo!

    And I think it’s really cool that you and your daughter do this each day. Such a wonderful mom you are!

    Have a great day tomorrow, girl!


    • v says:

      i actually bought a box of 12 puzzles in plastic bags of different scenes. the kid picked the tiger, it’s her favorite too. this one is only 100 pieces, then there are 300 piece puzzles and 500.

      well i try to be a half decent mom and spend time with her and do different things. i really don’t want to hear the TV when i get home, shut the video games off and get off the ipod. i love my electronics and gadgets, but they will take over. wednesday we will read together, another day we’ll bake, next day we will build something. i can’t take away the gadgets and not put something else in its place right?

      i too need to get a grip. my phone is an extension of my hand, ron. why. lol

    • v says:

      yeah, not my cup of tea either bijoux, but we get a chance to put away technology for a while and do something else. she’s not into puzzles either, but she likes me. 😉 a little bit.

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