day 331 – eat me

eat me


i wasn’t well enough to go to work today or do much of anything. my kid helped with today’s photo by bringing me things to photograph. this little guy looks worried.

4 thoughts on “day 331 – eat me

  1. Oh Val, STELLAR photo and post title!

    And you’re right…that little guy does look worried. However, I think he’s safe (and least for tomorrow) because it’s mainly TURKEY’S that will be eaten 🙂

    What a cutie little piggy he is!

    Hope you’re feeling better, girl. Have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

    (((((((( You ))))))))


    • v says:

      hehehe. hey, ron. he does look worried and yes he may have a few more days until people pull out their xmas ham. i had neither turkey nor ham today. oh wait, i did have 2/3 of a piece of bacon.

      i’m on the med, stiff, on fire and popping pills.

      hope you had a great day!

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