day 332 – light bulb

light bulb


no bright ideas for today’s post.


4 thoughts on “day 332 – light bulb

  1. HA! Do you know what’s funny, Val? I just (today) changed the light bulb in one of my lamps in my apartment, and I too use those bulbs! Aren’t they the best? They last forever and really save on energy.

    Hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving Day, girl!

    I never left my apartment all day. I stayed in, watched movies, ate, and just vegged. Oh, what a great day!


    • v says:

      Hey there, Ron. Yes those bulbs do last forever and I love the design and the way it looks.

      Yep I’ve been in the house too and could stay here for a few more days before wanting to go out. It’s warm here.

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