day 333 – shadows



besides some cleaning and organizing, i took it easy today as my body is still in a funk. it was a great day (and evening) to relax and read.


5 thoughts on “day 333 – shadows

  1. Ooooo….ooooo….ooooo, Val! I am like so lovin’ this photograph! It’s so GOTH, and I love anything that looks gothic!

    I especially love the lighting. And also the wax dripping down the candles and onto the table.

    Very, “Dark Shadows.”

    And is that a Mary Higgins Clark book I see? You and I have the same taste in books!

    Glad to hear you took it easy today.

    Have a super weekend….X

    • v says:

      Thanks much Ron. yep, much needed rest. did get some things done but being home makes me wait until the last minute to take my photo. I threw this together until I found an agreeable composition. It looks goth, eh? I created this preset to use when I want a faded black and white shot. It’s okay I suppose. 🙂

      Have a great night.

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