day 334 – pina colada



this is lame because i didn’t even drink this, it’s just for my pic of the day. i’m having tea. i’m not as good as my buddy ron (you have an impressive knowledge of wines and glasses) about knowing which drinks or wines go in which glass. my only purpose is to put it in whatever so it can be drank.  does a pina colada get an umbrella?


6 thoughts on “day 334 – pina colada

  1. Val….I love this shot!!!!

    And yes…a pina colada does get an umbrella! And it’s funny you posted a photo of this drink because that’s what I used drink when I was a senior in high school. My friends and I used to go to a place called, ‘Chickies’ in Boca Raton, Florida and drink pina colada’s on the weekends. The drinking age in Florida was 18. Back then, that’s all I would ever drink because I was (and still am) such a lightweight when it comes to alcohol. And I think the bartender barely put ANY alcohol in our drinks because I never got drunk. Not even a slight a buzz!

    Now I drink only wine. Red. And I like my wine hearty and on the dry side, so I don’t think I could ever drink a pina colada again. Too sweet.

    “(you have an impressive knowledge of wines and glasses)”

    Well, that’s only because of trial and error. I like trying new and different wines. Some I’ve tried are awesome. Others, not so awesome. What I really need to get myself for Christmas this year is a nice set of wine glasses. Because for me, it’s all about the ritual of wine – the uncorking, the glass, and the first sip.

    REALLY great photograph, girl!


    • v says:

      thanks ron! i like pina coladas, but order it after i’ve had a white russian or a mud slide. it’s third in line to the throne. 😉 oh i hate when i go places and there’s not enough alcohol in my drink. i will send it back until they get it right.

      yes, you do have an impressive knowledge of wine and glasses. remember when we ducked into that store during the heat of the summer to rest and we were looking at the wine glasses? i was like go ron and you do post about wine on your blog too. my sister is the same way, she knows her wines and glasses. me? i will drink from a paper cup and swear i’m cool.

      what’s a good wine glass set? send me a link. i know you were looking for something in particular.


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