day 335 – as seen on my walk



it’s decemeber 1st. woohoo! i didn’t do much today, but  it was a lot warmer today than it was yesterday. i went for a walk and i was moving like i wasn’t broken.  of course when i got home i was exhausted and had to take a nap.  hopefully, today’s activity will be a catalyst to more exercise this week.


6 thoughts on “day 335 – as seen on my walk

  1. Terrific shot, Val! And I love the effect you used. VERY cool!

    And you’re right, today was much warmer than yesterday. It actually was a beautiful day, wasn’t it?

    I’ve got the next two days off, so I’m hoping it’s kinda like today because I want to get out and take more pictures.


    • v says:

      yes, it was nice to get out ron. the walk tore me up though, i’m so out of shape. enjoy these days off. hope to see you next month. i will somehow.

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