day 337 – at rest and at play



i’m always on my phone or it’s never far from me, sadly. i think i’m addicted to it and try my best to ignore it, but it doesn’t work. i love playing on my phone and the internet.  one of my favorite ways to rest.  i just rolled in the house about an hour ago, so this was all i set up. i rest in the bed, mostly.


4 thoughts on “day 337 – at rest and at play

  1. Val, there is so much about this photograph that I love!

    The lighting, the perspective, the mood. And because it’s in black and white, it almost reminds me of a silhouette.

    Did you shoot this with your timer?

    Outstanding shot, girl!

    *two very enthusiastic thumbs up*


    • v says:

      thanks ron. i can’t say i gave this one too much thought, (i like when i’m in the picture, but not in it) but glad you like it. yes, i used my timer and my flip screen so i could see myself.

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