day 340 – football



this is one sport i do not watch, but i manage a fantasy football team. i have no idea what i’m doing and always come in 1st, 2nd or 3rd. this year is a different story.  i’m in the place of someone who knows nothing about football, which is 9th.  this is my worst year ever.


6 thoughts on “day 340 – football

  1. You know Val, I had to Google Fantasy Football because I had no idea what that was because I am so not a sports person. However, when I found out what it was, I realized that my brother Tom plays that too. In fact, when I was home last November, he had it on his computer and kept checking it ever couple of hours to see how he was doing.

    WOW…you came in 1st, 2nd or 3rd? Way to go, girl. Yet even 9th doesn’t sound all that bad to me. I’d probably come in 100th – HA!

    Grrrrrrrrrrreat photograph!

    Touch down!!!!!


    • v says:

      really ron? i’m a basketball fan and i don’t watch football at all, but since i’ve been doing so well, i decided to get a team every year. this year i suck donkey.

      yeah that sounds about right, your brother checking every couple of hours. i check when my players are active. i’m not doing so well at fantasy basketball and that’s my sport.

  2. Lol……my husband insists I do college basketball brackets……one year, I based my choices on whether a team’s mascot could kick the butt of the other team’s mascot. Way more entertaining it me!

    • v says:

      bijoux, i think the less you know about a sport, the better you do at picking winners. at least that was my experience up until this year. i’m doing horribly.

      i like how you choose which team will win. love that!

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