day 341 – basket of flowers

flower basket


i didn’t go outside today, but stayed in to clean and organize. it seems like i do this almost every weekend. after i was done i got in a little exercise then walked around the house looking for something to photograph. found a basket of old and dusty flowers.  maybe dusting is not my thing.


7 thoughts on “day 341 – basket of flowers

  1. Well, from what I can see from this photograph and the basket of flowers, they look VERY clean. I can’t see a speck of dust on them.

    Lovely photo, Val!

    I have off tomorrow, so I plan on staying inside myself and perhaps nesting. However, if it snows…I’ll be out there romping in it.


    • v says:

      yay for days off. i seriously need one. the weekend just doesn’t do it. oh there’s plenty of dust on them. who dusts flowers. not me.

      hope you enjoyed your day off.

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