day 344 – depressing


i hate this stuff and if it can’t keep me trapped in the house for a week then it should not snow at all.  this was the damage this morning when i got to work.  the parking lot was worse than the roads, although there was one hill i could not drive to the top because my car would not make it.  i had to put my car in reverse and roll back down.  this much snow is a nuisance.  if it has to snow, do it right and drop 3 to 5 feet on us, not 1 to 3 inches.  depressing indeed.


5 thoughts on “day 344 – depressing

  1. It stresses me out to no end! I spend my week obsessively checking the forecast and worrying when I know I have to be somewhere. No wonder I have high blood pressure!

    • v says:

      i understand, bijoux. i hate travelling in the snow. i heard we are going to have a horrible winter full of snow storms. (cries quietly in the corner)

  2. OMG…I LOVE this photo, Val! And I especially love that you shot it in black and white!

    I was outside Sunday and yesterday taking pictures of the snow as well.

    “if it has to snow, do it right and drop 3 to 5 feet on us, not 1 to 3 inches.”

    We got a TON more than I thought we would. But it’s pretty much gone already, except for the parks.

    I don’t drive, so I would probably feel the same way about it as you do. Snow is a PAIN to drive in.


    • v says:

      thanks, ron. 1 to 3 is enough to be a mess and inconvenience, but not enough for us to stay home. it’s an in between. i hate to complain, but darn it. yes, i’m planning to relocate asap and i will not cry about the heat. the snow is almost gone here, in some areas, like where i work, there’s always more and the storms are exaggerated because we’re higher up.

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