day 352 – jacob’s creek



this week (which is not over) has been incredibly busy at home and work.  i had a nice break during my work day when one of our vendors dropped off this bottle of wine as a thank you for doing business with them.  i’m not a wine drinker, but i will find this bottle a good home.


4 thoughts on “day 352 – jacob’s creek

  1. My husband brought home wine, a box of chocolates, a fancy wine stopper, and a box of almond toffee so far this week. I love it when I get his ‘thank you’ gifts from work.

    • v says:

      i’m not a wine lover, haven’t even opened this bottle. i may give it away. i got what i wanted at the liquor store and just finished having some of it. 16% is not enough, just saying.

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