day 353 – morning wood



i had an early morning doctor’s appt. just so he could tell me there’s nothing that can be done about my nerve damage and to keep taking the medication. this was taken on my drive in to the office.


6 thoughts on “day 353 – morning wood

    • v says:

      i figured he wouldn’t be able to do anything, jayde-ashe, i was really there just so i could get my prescription and keep it moving. thanks

    • v says:

      well it wasn’t totally wasted, bijoux. i did get a refill on my meds, which i need. i was hoping to get something stronger, but it wouldn’t make a difference other than a few hours of bliss.

    • v says:

      yeah, mel, i think i am done and this is my life unless my body heals repairs itself. not much they can give me to completely take away the pain, so now i’m just living with it. shrugs.

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