day 358 – happy to be home

happy to be home


it’s finally good to be home for the evening. i got off work early, came home, took a nap and then went out again.  haven’t had dinner yet, but i’m on my way.


4 thoughts on “day 358 – happy to be home

  1. Val, I love you AND this photo! And it’s exactly what I needed after such a long and stressful day at work today. OMG…I am ever TIRED and looking forward to tomorrow and just kicking back and chillin’. I’m sitting here right now, having a large glass of red wine and thoroughly enjoying it. Aaaaah!

    Wishing you a beautiful Christmas, girl!


    P.S. Love that suit you have on!

    • v says:

      ron, i hear ya on the long and stressful. i was happy for my much needed nap. been so tired lately. nice to hide behind a piece of paper. thanks 😉

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