day 362 – goodies


went to an early morning baby shower today and the goodies were delicious.  the cookies in the center with the icing were the best.  the cheese danish as well as the cheese squares were also yummy. below there was a hot chocolate bar. had a great time and took lots of photos.



4 thoughts on “day 362 – goodies

  1. Oh Val, this looked like such a FESTIVE and FUN baby shower! I LOVE the confetti on the table! Whoever hosted this shower did such a wonderful job decorating everything. So CUTE!

    “. below there was a hot chocolate bar. ”

    Yup…my mouth is watering looking at all those yummy things in the mason jars to add to the hot chocolate!

    GREAT photos, girl! You really captured the joy of this shower!


    • v says:

      ron, i don’t generally enjoy baby showers, or any showers, weddings or nothing (i’m a killjoy), but i had a good time at this one considering i didn’t know anyone there, but my female boss, who is my friend. it was well done and the desserts were great!

    • v says:

      considering what their house look like, i’m thinking catered. the thought never occurred to me, bijoux. i just thought it was a nice presentation, but now that you mention it…

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