day 363 – daisy

today was rather lazy on top of aches, pains and rain. later in the day I did some light cleaning and a load of laundry. After cleaning the kitchen I took this photo, can you tell it’s fake?


5 thoughts on “day 363 – daisy

    • v says:

      i hear that on the crappy day, rob. darn rain. well rain is okay as long as i don’t have to go out in it, but not for long. can’t take the darkness.

  1. “I took this photo, can you tell it’s fake?”

    No Val, not until I really, really looked at it. The focus you used makes it appear real – especially the center of the flower. That’s looks SO real!

    I had the same kinda day. I stayed inside, watched a few movies and vegged. Actually, I needed a day like to today to decompress from all the hours I worked the past 10 days. And yahhoooooooo! I’m off now for a WHOLE month!


    • v says:

      maybe because i know it’s fake, i know it looks fake. hehe. i have a way with words, don’t i. lol.

      i KNOW you must be tired, ron and i’m glad you have the month off to relax. i will have to see you some how in january, so be ready.

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