greetings and happy 2014 i hope! i took a photography break last month, but will be posting on a regular here.  i still have a lot of photos in my archives i’ve never uploaded and will be posting them.  this photo was taken in july of 2011.  i absolutely HATE the laundromat, but sometimes i have to go.  i took this photo to be included in my urban photography book.


7 thoughts on “laundromat

    • v says:

      hey bijoux. i am here. thanks. i remember when i took this photo even though it was almost 3 years ago. no recollection of yesterday though.

  1. “….but will be posting on a regular here.”

    Yaaaaaaaaaay! That’s so great hear, Val, because we’ve been soooooooo missed. Welcome back!

    LOVE the photo! As Bijoux shared…great color!

    And do you know what’s so hilarious? I’m actually in the middle of doing laundry this very minute!


    • v says:

      maybe i’ll go for a weekly photo until it gets warmer out. i am so not happy with all this snow, hopefully it will be over soon.

      ah laundry. i make my daughter do it and she has to fold her own clothes. i was doing it and then i was like wait a minute…. i’m actually folding my own clothes now and i’m sure i will be doing some ironing tonight as well.

  2. Hey, Val, glad to see you’re back on the case!

    Nice photo and it reminds why I do the drop-off routine with my laundry. It’s worth the money and it spares you from Laundromat Hell!

    Looking forward to more of your excellent work!

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