this sun star was given to me by my boss although i can’t remember why. it came in the tiniest flower-pot and looked more like a little tree.  it was rather unique looking and the only thing written on the bottom of the flower-pot were the words mini star.  after some searching i found the common name. i would love to have a yard full of this stunning colored flower.

about this photo: i placed it on the window sill outside the house so that i could use the green vegetation in the backyard as a back drop.  i used my tripod, wired remote and macro lens (60 2.8) to capture. this is not a crop but a true to life-sized photo.


5 thoughts on “ministar

  1. WOW! Gorgeous capture, Val! LOVE the color and focus!

    The little green center almost looks like a tiny artichoke!

    And thank you for sharing how you took this shot too. I gotta get me a tripod.


    • v says:

      good evening, ron. the center sure does look like an artichoke. i loved this little “tree.” i’m think my kid, while pruning, pulled off too many dead leaves until it was just a stalk. i rolled my eyes at her, yes i did. darn kids!

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