the corridor

the corridor


this is the hallway to the resort in dominican republic we stayed at for a few hours before we moved to a private villa.  not sure what made me take this photo. i walked by and thought “ooh” and took a pic or two.  maybe it’s the symmetry.


6 thoughts on “the corridor

  1. Ooooh…and I can see why you took this shot, Val – yup, the symmetry indeed! Also, I love the light reflecting on the marble floor and the spheres of light on the walls.

    It’s funny because I’m always attracted to take photos of things like long, narrow hallways and alleyways that show a depth of distance.

    Great shot!

    • v says:

      thanks, ron. i love narrow alleyways, but i’m never out at the time when i would want to take them, that is, night time. i’m scurred and probably in bed. 😉

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