Weekend Party

finally, the day we’ve been preparing for came, went and it was almost a blur.  it happened so fast.  i went to maryland to my brother’s self-hosted 25th wedding anniversary party, dinner at a hotel on saturday (maybe 200 people) and brunch at his house on sunday (around 50 people).  it was formal, so i couldn’t just throw on anything and bought our dresses online from freaking china. the shipping was quick and i learn what a brokerage fee is. i’m not a fan of brokerage fees.  overall i had a very nice time – i’m exhausted – even though i got lost on the way to the hotel, typical valerie. i’m sharing what photos i can below.

mojoito something

my drink. not enough liquor.


one of my best friends

one of my best friends

table 17

table no 17. sat with my family and one friend.

it was good

yummy salad.

i had wine

i had wine too. wooohoooo.


the desserts were great!

selfie after the party

lady v

before brunch selfie

lady v before brunch


i had about 12 cookies

creepy doll

creepy behind doll.


more sweets


6 thoughts on “Weekend Party

  1. Okay Val, first I have to say that you looked AWESOME in that dress! Very sexy. You looked like a movie star! And I am so digging the glittery nail polish because it’s such a great accent with the dress. Oh, and I also like your ‘before brunch’ ensemble as well. Love the the top. I know I’ve shared this with you before, but you have such great taste and style in clothing.

    Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful time. The dining table looks fabulous. Love the place cards. What kind of drink is that because I like the presentation with the mint leaves. Oooo…and I’m so happy to hear you had some wine too!

    “i had about 12 cookies”

    Ha! Yup…I would have too, especially the chocolate chip ones.

    And you’re right, that doll does look creepy. I think it’s the nose, the mouth, and the hair 🙂

    Oh, and I like your new template theme!


    • v says:

      thanks much ron. when i first saw that dress, i knew. hahaha you can see my polish? yeah well i guess you can. i never paint them, but wanted to make sure i left no stone unturned.

      yep, very nice time, but it went fast and i’m so pooped. about to go to bed. it was hard keeping my eyes open driving there and back and today at work.

      i need to stop with the sugar. that was wrong, but i did it and belch. lol

      that’s actually a sign language doll. you put your hands in and can do american sign language. still a creepy doll. used for teaching, but creepy.

      thanks. i just picked it out tonight, giving my blog some color i guess. later my friend.

  2. My goodness, Val, that looks like quite an affair! And you look stunning! I checked the brokerage fee page and I am officially not a fan of them either!

    Lovely photos!

  3. That is a lot of people for an anniversary party! I love a formal occasion, but the dress shopping is a nightmare. You look beautiful in your dress. I don’t know how people shop online for clothes though. I tried on at least 40 dresses till I found my mother of the bride dress. Still hunting for shoes.

    Can I ask how the candlesticks are standing in those hurricane glasses? The gravy boat of salad dressing is blocking my view!

    • v says:

      yeah, it was a lot of people there, but nice. i rather save the money and travel the world, but nice of them to let us in on the celebration. i hate shopping and prefer to do it online. no running from store to store getting stressed out. i go online, find something, order it and it’s sitting on my desk days later. shoes too.

      not sure how the candlestick are standing, didn’t pay attention to them, but i’m sure there’s a hole there for them.

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