this little guy’s name is oliver. i met him two weeks ago and decided to foster him until he finds his furever home. i’m kinda also, maybe looking for another feline.  i rather not adopt until i know what i’m getting.  he’s a very sweet boy, but last night was brutal!

he laid on my chest and lap for about two hours just snuggling with me and then when i put him down for bed, he. went. crazy.  i already have two cats and being in a strange home with new smells he was anxious and stressed. i gave him a few drops of rescue remedy to calm him down.

i stayed up until 4:30 in the morning, rocking, swaying and trying to get him to go to sleep and nothing!  i swear it was just like being awake with a newborn.  makes  me wonder about people who have more than one kid, how they do it.  he made his way into the back of my closet and that’s where he peacefully slept for the rest of the morning.

should you put your crying baby in the closet?  yes, but make sure you leave the door ajar so it can get some fresh air.  seriously though i removed the shoes from my closet and put a litter box, his blanket, his food bowl and a cat bed in there for him to sleep on.  it’s not cruel, but that’s where he is currently happy.  he does and can come out when he wants.  i bring him out for a while so we can cuddle and so he doesn’t think that’s his new home.

he really is a sweet boy though, besides the growling and hissing.  he is used to being around cats, but is not quite ready to hang around my two big kids.  hopefully soon.


8 thoughts on “oliver

  1. Val, Oliver is ADORABLE!!!! And what a great shot! My favorite part of a cat are their paws because they’re so cute. I used to gentle rub the paws of both my cats and they loved it.

    “i stayed up until 4:30 in the morning, rocking, swaying and trying to get him to go to sleep and nothing! i swear it was just like being awake with a newborn. ”

    Bless you. And brava on giving him some rescue remedy. I love that stuff. And I hope you were able to get a ‘cat nap’ in this afternoon from not sleeping last night.

    ” it’s not cruel, but that’s where he is currently happy. he does and can come out when he wants.”

    No, it’s not cruel at all. In fact, it’s best thing you can do until he gets more adjusted. I’ve done that same thing with my cats. It makes a cat feel more like it’s ‘his space’ until he’s ready to come out.

    Give Oliver a hug from Uncle Ronnie, okay? Meow!


    • v says:

      thanks, ron. he is soooo very sweet and male cats seem to be friendlier to me. i wonder if this is true. so far i have 3 yeses. i love the paw too, so soft.

      ron, he’s sleeping well now, but i have been going to bed late doing i don’t know what. today i fell asleep while reading a book. almost tipped out of the chair. so embarrassed.

      he likes the closet, just came from out of there. i leave it open so if he feels the need to run in there, it’s always available to him. yeah, it’s like his own apartment. ha!

      no doubt, a big hug from uncle ronnie. meow.

  2. What a handsome fellow! Sorry he’s having trouble adjusting, but hopefully he’ll settle down and feel more comfortable in your home. And where can I get some of that rescue remedy? I could use a few pints myself.

    Btw, Val…. furever home?!?!


    • v says:

      hi, rob and thanks. he really is a beauty. the pattern on his body is beautiful as well. it’s a nice change from an all black cat and a black and white cat. rescue remedy is not for people, but you knew that. 😉

      yes, that’s cat or dog talk. furever as in forever home.

  3. I remember when we adopted the first dog I ever had, Ruben. Those first nights were grueling. My mom thought he should sleep in the kitchen…finally he adapted to it. However, once I moved out on my own and took him with me, I never made him sleep in the kitchen. He just curled up next to me and was happy as could be!

    • v says:

      hi stephanie. funny the first cat i adopted i didn’t have any problems with her at all. the 2nd and 3rd cat, i lost sleep.

      glad your pooch is able to snuggle in the bed with you. i just love that. i turned off the light last night and two of my cats jumped on the bed and went to sleep. they were even sleeping next to each other. not my first cat, she only snuggles with me. thanks for stopping by.

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