cancun, mexico

i can’t believe it’s been over a week since we got back from mexico.  it came and went quickly, but we had an awesome time and will definitely go back. i have a lot of photos to share and will be doing so over several posts.  the first batch of photos is of the hotel itself that was simply stunning. the service was exceptional.

there are two sides of the hotel, one for families with kids under 17 called hacienda and the other side for families with kids/guests over 17 and guess what they call it? HEAVEN!!  that’s right and it was gorgeous.  i spent most of my time on the under 17 side, but did scoot over to the heaven side a few times.


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4 thoughts on “cancun, mexico

  1. Val, these photographs are STUNNING, both Hacienda and Heaven!

    LOVE your hotel room. Those beds looked so comfortable it makes wanna jump in and take a nap! And the nighttime shot of the pool….WOW!

    The first three photographs of Heaven look like a movie set. Gorgeous! And I love those round ceiling lights with the clouds!

    I bet you had a fabulous time!


    • v says:

      thanks, ron. the beds were probably comfortable for someone else, but they messed my back up. i sleep on a memory foam bed and can’t sleep on anything else. i still haven’t recovered from sleeping in that bed. not. kidding.

      i would love to go back, but we’ll have to find some where else to go next year. i want to see the world….without getting shot or blown up. 😉

  2. Both sides look good to me! I’ve never been to Mexico, because honestly, people have scared me about it. They say these resorts are great, but it is unsafe to venture outside of them?

    • v says:

      there’s nothing really to be afraid of…and i had no reason to leave the resort. a few people went shopping to see how the locals lived and they were ok. like any place else, use caution. it’s “safe.”

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