greetings.  i wanted to post these photos earlier than today, but life got in the way and in the way and then it tripped me. i’m in the process of moving, my kid was in the hospital for several days and now that she’s better it’s my turn to be sick.  below are the last few photos from mexico.  i will catch up with everyone soon.

Horse and Rider

my horsetoriiphone5 (76)-w1078-h768  iphone5 (75)-w1078-h768    EP570175_1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A (6)-w1078-h768

mexicans (2)

iphone5 (68)-w1078-h768

6 thoughts on “entertainment

  1. Faaaaaaaaaaabulous set of photographs, Val! Wow…they capture the “feel” of Mexico! Love the shot of you and your daughter holding the monkey and the following one of the monkey hugging your daughter. And the one of the dolphin is so precious!

    The last shot of your legs and feet in the hammock is awesome. Totally depicts R&R.

    Hope your move is going well and I’m glad to hear that your daughter is better.

    And hope you’re feeling better soon!

    ((((((((((((( You ))))))))))

    Have a great weekend, girl!

    • v says:

      hey ron. excuse my long absence here. i’m nearly settled in my new place, just need to add a few more touches here and there. glad the kid is better too. whew. anyhoo, glad you enjoyed the photos. i really love the one with the horse too and that monkey was super smart, but i think it had something to do with him wanting to eat.

  2. Whoa! You guys did have some animal encounters! Your daughter is braver than my kids would have been!

    I’m sorry to hear about the hospital….hope you are both on the mend.

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