About Me

My love of photography began at the age of 17 when I was given a Canon AE-1P.camerav-300x288

Obviously, I knew nothing about photography and had no idea how to work my camera, but read everything I could find on photography and taught myself the basics.

Eventually I became the family photographer because I had my camera and was always taking pictures of something.

Through word of mouth, and being someone with a camera, I photographed child models who needed head shots to submit along with their audition.

I was also so new to photography, that I didn’t have the common sense to turn down several offers to photograph three weddings.

I know more now than I did back then and I wouldn’t photograph another wedding if someone paid me to. So many things could go wrong, but I was glad none did back then.

Life got in the way and my photography slowed down a bit. So while the rest of the world had gone digital, I was still clutching my film cameras and vowed never to go digital. I still shoot film, though not often with an Olympus OM-2N and a Canon EOS Elan II.

Many years later, yes, it took me a while, I finally purchased my first digital compact camera some time in the late, late, late 1900′s (or somewhere around there, give or take a few decades), I think it was a -1.3 megapixel.

Okay, there is no such thing, but know that it was horrible. I now photograph with an Olympus OMD EM5 and Olympus EPM1.

After showing several of my photographs, mostly vacation photos, people expressed an interest in purchasing my photography and encouraged me to sell my work.

I am happy to say I have sold several prints to individuals and corporations and anticipate my first art exhibit. I hope you enjoy my artwork.

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