greetings.  i wanted to post these photos earlier than today, but life got in the way and in the way and then it tripped me. i’m in the process of moving, my kid was in the hospital for several days and now that she’s better it’s my turn to be sick.  below are the last few photos from mexico.  i will catch up with everyone soon.

Horse and Rider

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mexicans (2)

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day 211- with an iron fist

with an iron fist

ironing my skirt for tomorrow (on the wrong side, of course).

a little known or unknown fact about me, it depends on who’s reading this, i guess. i LOVE to iron and do it every day, mostly in the morning. if i leave the house, i’m ironing something. i don’t use starch anymore (hate it) but steam. i rebuke dry irons and keep a water bottle handy in case the iron reservoir gets low.  

dress shirts (cotton or linen) are my favorite clothing to iron. the task climaxes when i place the front part of the shirt around the curved tip of the ironing board to iron the area just below the front of the shoulder where the sleeve meets. drool, drool and more drool.

now that my subscribers know i’m crazy, please come back tomorrow, i haven’t told the half of it. 😉  it’s a sport really, extreme ironing. i prefer soft music and quiet.

day 13 – exercise party


stayed close to home today and tried to rest. i did take some time out of my day to attend an exercise party thrown by the kid. she sent out invitations and blew up balloons. the above is a picture of the guests who actually showed up. we exercised, danced, watched a movie and i told jokes. it was a tough crowd, but i got a few laughs. and yes, i’m a big kid.

day 4: fun

i haven’t had any fun in a long time. however, i do enjoy and have fun playing parking lot on my itouch. the goal is to move the cars around until the red vehicle is free to exit (right near where the yellow car is blocking). there’s no time limit on how long it takes to complete each puzzle, but there’s a bonus in points if the puzzle can be solved in the least amount of moves. i’m on the expert level and the puzzles are difficult; makes me wanna holla.  yep, my idea of fun, lame i know.