day 217 – horseback riding

Today was my first time riding a horse and it was awesome. I fell in love with it and the scenery we rode through was amazing. I wish I could have walked it instead. I had to take most of my photos while mounted on Nigreeto. My horse that is. Clue number 3 and this gives my location away: This small area in the Caribbean shares the island of Hispaniola with the Republic of Haiti.

day 89 – alstede farms


drove to a “local” farm to get some apple cider, about an hour from home, and when we got there it was closed.  however along the way another farm was open and probably better than the one we were going to visit so we stopped there. this horse allowed me to take his photo, but only of his good side.

we fed the animals, held baby ducks, went for a hay ride and toasted marshmallows.  didn’t find the apple cider, but at least the trip was not in vain. 

Pretty Brown Eyes

Pretty Brown Eyes, originally uploaded by Valerie Morrison.


I visited a horse stable today, less than five minutes from my job via car and found this beauty. I love horses. People think cats are my favorite animals, but they are not. I just can’t keep a horse in the house, so I have a cat. This cutie pie was winking at me, so I’m choosing his photo as number 31 of 365. I may go back tomorrow and get pictures of the stable. I’m sure there were photo-ops I overlooked.

I will be out of state, so not sure when I’ll be able to upload tomorrow’s picture or even Saturday’s picture, so if you don’t see it, don’t worry, it’s coming! Later.

P.S. The stable is free and open to the public. Have mercy!