greetings.  i wanted to post these photos earlier than today, but life got in the way and in the way and then it tripped me. i’m in the process of moving, my kid was in the hospital for several days and now that she’s better it’s my turn to be sick.  below are the last few photos from mexico.  i will catch up with everyone soon.

Horse and Rider

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mexicans (2)

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day 285 – packing

travel bag


About to go on my last vacation of the year to my favorite vacation spot, before I found out about Dominican Republic.  This is always my travel bag no matter where I go and for how long.  I travel light and will wear the same pants with different shirts for the duration of my trip.  However I may take three pairs of pants this time, nobody cares, right?

day 218 – ocean world

Visited Ocean World today and had a great time even though I did not swim with the dolphins, but I will when we come back. It looked like a lot of fun.

Clue number 4; Taínos inhabited what is this country since the 7th century and Christopher Columbus landed on it in 1492. Surely our location has to be known

day 217 – horseback riding

Today was my first time riding a horse and it was awesome. I fell in love with it and the scenery we rode through was amazing. I wish I could have walked it instead. I had to take most of my photos while mounted on Nigreeto. My horse that is. Clue number 3 and this gives my location away: This small area in the Caribbean shares the island of Hispaniola with the Republic of Haiti.