day 335 – as seen on my walk



it’s decemeber 1st. woohoo! i didn’t do much today, but  it was a lot warmer today than it was yesterday. i went for a walk and i was moving like i wasn’t broken.  of course when i got home i was exhausted and had to take a nap.  hopefully, today’s activity will be a catalyst to more exercise this week.

day 291 – shade


i did next to nothing today and it was great. eventually i made my way out to the beach to read and i saw these glasses just sitting there so i shot them. 😉 believe it or not, this was the only photo i took today.  i might set up some shots tomorrow before we have to leave on sunday.

day 218 – ocean world

Visited Ocean World today and had a great time even though I did not swim with the dolphins, but I will when we come back. It looked like a lot of fun.

Clue number 4; Taínos inhabited what is this country since the 7th century and Christopher Columbus landed on it in 1492. Surely our location has to be known