day 8 – bb shots

it’s been this kind of a day and i still don’t feel great. i made it to work and thought about leaving early, but my boss came to work, also sick, looking greener than i and later left. i stuck it out but it was a fight to stay awake.

it wasn’t a good day for photography but i got something up as it best described my day. i’m going to will myself a better tomorrow, i heard the weather is supposed to be nice.


2 thoughts on “day 8 – bb shots

  1. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA! Val, I LOVE the post title!

    I was supposed to get together this afternoon with a friend of mine, but she emailed in the morning to say….”I am sooooooo sick, so I can’t get together will you today. I can’t even pick up the phone to call you.”

    She’s got some nasty bug that’s making her cough and cough.

    Hope you feel better in the morning. No…you WILL feel better in the morning because I’m going to WILL it too!

    (((((((( You )))))))


    P.S. love the photo!

  2. v says:

    thanks, ron. you know, i hardly ever catch colds, it’s the other crap that kills me, body/spine/joints/nerves. and i hate on the flu shot. no thanks.

    hope you reschedule with your friend.

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